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Wired Up

Wired Up

"…His own compositions mix with some great tunes from the tradition to make an album that is as at home on a student's walkman as on grandad's gramophone…" Scotsman

"…Not surprisingly, given his background, the quality of his playing is first class…" Living Tradition

"…a second collection that showcases a master of his instrument taking its capabilities to the edge of the envelope…" Scots Magazine

"…Perhaps Alistair's special strength as a musician lies in combining an easy virtuosity with a true gift for bringing out the melody lines…" Net Rhythms.com


1. Jigs

2. Strathspeys and Reels

3. Slow Air

4. Waltzes

5. Reels

6. Hornpipes

7. Slow Air

8. Reels

9. Pipe March, Strathspey and Reel

10. Airs

11. Reels

12. The Hanged Man's Reel

Alistair - Fiddle, Whistle, Viola

Aaron Jo- Bouzouki, Guitar

Marc Duff - Whistles, Recorder, Bodhran

Morag Macaskill - Piano

Angus Lyon - Accordion, Keyboards

Lyndsay McCulloch - Cello

Duncan Lyall - Double Bass

Recorded by Paul Adams and Bob Hallard

Produced by Paul Adams and Alistair McCulloch

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All material copyright Alistair McCulloch 2020. Alistair is leader of one of the top Ceilidh bands in Scotland